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    • Good for you. I’m so glad. God is so good and so faithful. Not only do I have strong faith but I believe in miracles for I am living proof that they exist. If you get a chance you might read my about page. I have seen prayer work so often and powerfully in my life that although my faith journey was derailed for some time after I turned 19, prayers that were prayed over me were answered and I eventually quit turning my back on the Lord. He simply was NOT going to let me go and I’m so glad He didn’t. And I’ve been growing in my faith and praising Him ever since. I pray that you have an encounter with His Presence, one that brings you greart conviction. I know it was no accident that you made this comment and that it means He’s looking for you too. Love, hugs, and blessings, Natalie 🙂 ❤

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      • Such nice words. I am envious of you for having faith in something like this. I used to have faith in god. I gave it up when I turned fifteen. I used to believe in love (my capacity.) I have given up on that also. I don’t have faith in anything else – i have in science – but that is mostly borrowed. It is not something that I can feel it in my bones.

        All the best Natalie. We need faith. In something, come what may. Keep having it. (don’t have a blind faith.)

        Loved this converation with you 🙂

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      • Thanks for the nice comment! If you wouldn’t mind sharing, I’d love to know what turned you from God when you were 15 and from love. It’s late tonight and I have to be up early, but if you’d care to know I will share what made me walk away from the church and turn my back on God when I was 19. Hugs and blessings, N 😊❤️xoxo

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      • Mostly it was my natural inclination towards science and how it answered most of the questions about the world around me – also religion felt something forced to me as I borrowed it from my parents. After that I have realized that things just happen, in most random way, there is no pattern as such..


      • I don’t know how old you are but I can safely assume you are past the age of15 so you must have observed by now that the sun rises every day even when it’s obscured by a cloud cover, and then iuit goes down every evening only tto rise again the next morning. Is there a scientific purpose for that? And you’ve probably seen that one season has followed another your whole life. Is there a scientific purpose for that? Random things can happen especially in the realm of humanity given its propensity for greed and power. However even such misguided and corrupt individuals can serve a purpose in the grand scheme of things as well as firming up faith and belief in God. My husband by the way is a scientist and worked in scientific areas his entire career, and he is now and has always been a firm and faithful believer in God and Christianity. I know there are many in the scientific communties of the world who shun the believe in a God and consider it folly to belief in auch. But there is also a large segment of the scientific communites of the world who believe exactly as my husband does. As for me, I have never been able to buy into the big bang theory or any other such relatively simplistic approach to life as I’ve known it. As hard as Stephen Hawking, Richard Dawkins, or Carl Sagan, or Madalyn Murray O’Hair and others I’ve known personally have tried to convince me there is no God, I simply cannot nor will not believe that for it simply cannott nor does is not explain human intelligence but much more than that a human’s ability to experience emotions. I know there is such a thing as artificial intelligence but scientists have yet to find a way to explain or replicate what we feel in our hearts. You say you have given up on love yet you know that it exists. There is so much to talk of any and all these matters that we could spend hours, days, months, years bantering back and forth about our beliefs of lack of them. and I am willing to conintue and answer specific questions you might have. But I will close for now with two or three things that have happened in my life that after years of doubt finally convicted me that God does in fact exist. First was the birth of my one and only child and the circumstances that surrounded her conception and birth. Secondly it was creating a garden. When you can take a seed the size of a speck of dust and put it in a dark grave in the earth, and it sprouts roots from one end and leaves from the other as it pushes it way up to light that it has never seen at exactly the right time for it to flourish, one becomes acutely and deeply aware of great and grand Divine design in it and in all things. And as one watches the seasons pass over the earth, you begin to notice their is a rhyme and reason in all things in this life. And finally when you perosnally witness purely miraculous events in your own life and in the lives of others, it not only reaffirms your belief in a Supreme Being but also in a benevolent Only. Now to address why things change and sometimes for the worse and what that means. If all things serve a purpose then so does each and every human being. And it behooves ALL to learn to serve one another in compassionate and loving ways. And so if I, for example, am going to help those who are suffering, then I must somehow learn what it’s like to suffer and so on. At the age of 75 I can now look back on my sufferings and setbacks and see purpose in them and in the furtherance of my quality as a caring, loving human being and a child of God. After all Gpd didn’t send His only son to be an earthly king or wealth monger. Instead Jesus came, and HE suffered a terrible death to offer salvation to all of us despite our errant and disrespecful ways. If one never reads anything else, he/she should read the Book of Job in the Bible before dismissing a belief in God. I pray that you find the answers that you are looking for, and promise you that if you’ll ask God to come into your life and convict you of His Presence, He will. You are a child of His and He has been looking for you and longing to enter into a relationship with you. Hugs and blessings, Natalie 🙂 ❤

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      • First of all thank you so so much for such a reply. I know a value of thoughtful words, and you have provided me these in abundance.

        Now you touched on the following points.

        1. Purpose of various natural phenomenon – This self sustaining natural cycles is something that Science records and observes as per scientific laws. Science does not give name to something that it doesn’t know. It can invoke mathematical constants, and dark energy concept to fill the gaps – but it never gives them a form of God. So the various phenomenon are just various phenomenon. What is the purpose we don’t know yet. But science does not resorts to God for everything it doesn’t know.
        2. Scientists having faith on the God. – Having faith is a good thing. With experience I have realized how important it is to have faith in something that helps you provide an anchor in difficult times. But even the scientists who are religious, keep their faith separate from their work.
        3. Artificial intelligence – How AI is growing should give us an idea that we are not special. Our emotions are not special. A lab can produce (and has started producing)
        4. Birth and Seed growing into a plant – Yes, they are a wonderful experience. And even I have thought about all this. And the question of life is a mystery among us right now.
        5. Suffering and Compassion – I loved this point because this is what exactly Dalai Lama says. I’m currently reading a book on it, and I had such flawed views on suffering. Your reiterating this point makes my heart filled with joy. 🙂
        6. Belief in the existence of God. – I’m still an atheist. But I’m open to a possibility of other beings, higher beings, who might have a role in the formation of this universe and earth, but god as we know it, and assume to have say in our day to day life, it is something that I still have hard time believing.

        Thanks a long Natalie. I really loved reading your comment. 🙂

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      • I’m so glad you are still open to possibility and I pray that the Lord continues to work in your life. As for scientists and the separation of their faith from science, I would encourage you to fully check out something that is currently being built in Dallas, TX. You can find it at: icr.org. Have a blessed day❣️😊

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