13 thoughts on “It is never…

  1. I think I need that quote tattooed on my forehead — or the tip of my nose, Sis. At least I’m now learning new things. I even managed to get some Bluetooth things to play with each other! The only problem is that my phone conversations are now played loud and clear by the soundbar. No problem hearing the other person, but I’m not happy sharing it all with my neighbors now! Someday I’ll learn. For now I just have to figure out how to put my fingers on the correct keys. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!! ❤

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      • It’s an old, common story- college or …. I chose the or. Ten years of diapers was the hardest part, but my family loves me. I have returned to school, but my worn out mind and busy schedule means that doctorate is still so far away. We’ll see.

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      • I majored in French in college and wanted to go live in Paris for awhile after I graduated. But I married just before my senior year to a man who as it turned out HATES to fly. So sadly year after year went by and I never lost my longing to go! Then after we retired and I had a stroke our daughter and her family asked if we would like to go on a trip to Europe with them and when my husband said yes I nearly fell out of my chair. So the summer of our 50th anniversary my dream finally came true and since then we’ve gone a second time. It will probably be our last time but he loved it as much as I did! So NEVER give up on your dreams! God is faithful in giving us the desires of our hearts! ❤️❤️❤️

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